A Practice strictly followed by developed counties from 60,s and now followed by many countries across globe involved in the manufacturing and testing of human health care products.

Many countries have rules and regulations as how to follow GMP during manufacturing, testing and transportation of pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics and food. Various countries have created their own GMP guidelines and made it mandatory.

GMP guidelines are not clear cut instructions on how it should be and how to manufacture products. They are a series of general principles that must be observed during manufacturing, storing, testing.

The service of an experienced consultant having wide knowledge and experience will benefit, by providing step by step guidance how to follow GMP.

    • We design world class facility.
    • We help to renovate the existing facility.
    • We calculate space requirement for the next 10 + years.
    • We guide on good documentation practice.
    • We provide training to people.
    • We calculate the operational cost and efficiency.
    • We design cleanrooms.

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